Portraits Africa | Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Waweru Gichuhi, Nairobi, Kenya

Waweru Gichuhi, Nairobi, Kenya
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Seth Odhiambo

Artist's Statement, Commissions & Facebook

I was 22 when I started painting. I stumbled into painting when I was in college. The lecturer asked us to paint a composition for our school project. Initially, it was tough because I did not know how to go about it but after I found myself loving it as I continued learning by trial and error.

I like to tell tales about my surrounding; the here and now. I interact with people often hence painting them and telling their stories comes naturally. I love painting children because they are our future. They have no prejudices or the divisive tendencies we possess as adults. I love the freedom of being an artist. I am my own boss and I work on my own terms. It is always rewarding to see people appreciate what you do and pay you for it. I love being a creator, seeing my dreams come to life on a canvas. To me art is a way of life. It is a way of expressing yourself, letting your imagination run wild
ChargingHugAnxiousKeysMy Brother’s KeeperNyokafiLupitaSimbaThe Ladies