Portraits Africa | Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Queen Nwaneri, Lagos, Nigeria

Queen Nwaneri, Lagos, Nigeria
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Queen Nwaneri
Artist's Statement, Commissions & Facebook

My name is Queen Nwaneri; I was born in Italy, and live in Nigeria. At the age of eight I developed my passion for art. All I knew was that it made me happy; I was amazed how colour could transform a shape, a line into something extraordinary! My inspiration was my elder brother; he was so artistic. I learnt by imitating his every line; and, little by little, an artist was born.

"People say art is an expression of the mind”, but for me art is not just expression, it connects me deeply with my environment. The expression on people's faces, on a bus or walkway, provoke my interest. I imagine and reimagine them as paint on canvas. And the noise, hustle and bustle of my environment is forever with me. I wake to it each morning, and it invokes in me emotions I simply must let out.

I took up portraiture as a language of self expression, wishing to pose questions not answers, the search for which has been the stimulus and focus of my art. I look to the day when I give birth to ideas and images deep enough to save me from restlessness, to exchange chaos for inner peace.
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