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The Blue Woman

The Blue Woman

Original Painting, Pastel and Conte on Fabriano Paper,
118 cm x 81 cm, © 2015 Lioda Conrad.

This lady was part of a funeral procession of another elder in the village. They celebrate a death with a procession in the streets with music and loud praise calling of the life and works of the person who has passed, covering themselves in ash or dust to signify mourning. This was a moment of stillness during the parade and I think she was decked out in her Sunday best, a beautiful heard scarf and her best cloth wound and tied up on her shoulder. She is also one of the Ijaw of the Niger Delta where dry land is very scarce. To compensate for this, many Ijaw homes are built on stilts over creeks and swamps, with travel between them done by boat. I created her as a blue work in honour of the life that had passed that day. Part of the series "The Tourist Corps".

Print Master (Fractal Interpolation)
5000 px
Original Photograph
2048 px