Portraits Africa | Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Lioda Conrad, Cape Town, South Africa

Lioda Conrad, Cape Town, South Africa
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Lioda Conrad
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I am an artist not because I want to achieve anything, but because it is something that I am as a being of creation and creation is a primary function thus. Inside I find a well of immeasurable, quiet turmoil where shapes, forms and colour surface and struggle to find life outside of my being. I allow these to overwhelm me every time I work and find solace in the fact that they are a part of me. A Singular line can have as much beauty as the most complex verse or pattern, and embodies all of what the artist is and can be. Contrasts within work, life, light and dark, soft and hard, good and bad just the beauty of things being, even a single look in a child's eyes or a bottle top long discarded and given to rust, all the minute changes in the being of things are where I find beauty and a reason to work. I paint to be me. Art cannot conceal any lies. Within it can only be truth.

Lioda Conrad is a Cape Town based graphically trained Fine Artist with a love for Africa where she was born. The bush, the people and the animals contained within, are reflected clearly in her work. She has very elegant lines and a very personal bold style. Her work is both sensitive and freely expressive of the beauty found in Africa. Her work includes highly stylised contemporary portraits in split contemporary colours as well as incredible charcoal, pastel and conte crayon portraits both realistic but with a certain quality of elegance of line with sophisticated and expert handling of a very hard medium to master. She had been described as an upcoming "force" with substantial value by some SA art masters who are calling it an important body of work.

Female artists in Africa are less supported due to the political climate and heritage of the male driven society. Even as a struggling artist herself, she also still supports other artists and tutors or guides others and where possible exposes them to some publicity. She also teaches some students from the local informal settlement of Masipumelele in the art of drawing. She welcomes visitors to her home and studio for discussions regarding art or to watch her works in progress or to simply also sit and work on art themselves.
CyrusGirl PerplexedHaunting Nigerian GirlMy Stone FriendTarkanan ManThe Blue WarriorThe Blue WomanThe Bluest GirlThe Red Girl