Portraits Africa | Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Jack Birgen, Nairobi, Kenya

Jack Birgen, Nairobi, Kenya
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Jack Birgen
Artist's Statement, Commissions & Facebook

I am an artist of Kenyan origin, born on Saturday, the 1st of October 1988. I grew up in the capital, Nairobi, where I still live and practice my art. I have been driven since childhood to realise my potential as an artist. I started with pencil drawing, water-colouring, even modelling or sculpting, but I finally settled with pencil drawing as my own particular niche, latterly incorporating both charcoal and pastels. I have grown to like my endless pursuit of realism: hence my professional name of “Sketchez".

I enjoy portraiture precisely because it is regarded as challenging. And depicting the human form is endlessly fascinating for me: I find it the best way to appreciate God’s own likeness. It’s a thrill for me to question how people identify what is real from what is drawn. I admire the works of Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci as well as Vincent van Gogh. I wish such people were alive today: to ask them just how they achieved so much in such "ancient”, such "pre-historic" times!
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