Portraits Africa | Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Gretha Helberg, Hopefield, South Africa

Gretha Helberg, Hopefield, South Africa
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Gretha Helberg
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Art has always been a part of me. I liked drawing things from an early age - I remember trying to capture the beauty of the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, my country of birth when I was a mere four years old! I think it is the whole process of being immersed in my work while creating it, my eyes see something, my heart gets a feeling for the subject and then, the final stage, my hands make the artwork. Sometimes I dream of a new painting or etching and start on it the next day! Life inspires me - people around me, wildlife in their wild surroundings, nature, the sea, the beauty of God's creations - I try to capture this all in my art.

I love to paint atmospheric seascapes and landscapes, and also do portraits on commission. I am also a keen printmaker. I have been doing printmaking from the age of 14. With my polymer etchings, I make use of the sun’s exposure to develop the etching plate, (not hazardous acid baths as used in the traditional process of developing copper plates for printmaking). After inking and printing the etching plate on dampened etching paper in my home-based printmaking studio, I hand-colour each etching with water-soluble oil paint. My available etchings are on my website and I ship them worldwide. My work is already in collectors’ homes all over Europe and I am represented by an art agent in Manhattan who invited me for a solo exhibition there in June 2018. I have never been overseas, so I am looking forward to exhibiting there! I am blessed and thankful for all the opportunities - all the glory to God, if not for Him, all this would not have been possible.
Crossing the BarDeepDesolate KarooInside the BarrelOverberg Landscape