Portraits Africa | Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Gershon Kwaku Puregold, Accra, Ghana

Gershon Kwaku Puregold, Accra, Ghana
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Gershon Kwaku Puregold
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"Life is an art of drawing without an eraser. But being an artist is being a wizard, but the magic is in my pencil not the wand.”

As a little boy drawing was my first knowledge of the world. I can say with pride that God was my tutor, and my making of sketches of the teachers in class went unpunished.

There is an Ashanti saying, roughly: "If you were born to kill an elephant, you don't harm yourself hurrying to kill a squirrel”. Art was my vocation, and to support myself I did practical work. My father was a shoemaker, a painter and a decorator, and I learnt the trade from him.

Somehow I did not drop out, rather I practiced a "flawless truancy”. I offered to study art, but my teachers told me to take another course which “required brains”. And, according to my results, I had brains enough to do science or art, whichever I wanted.

I have been an artist all my life, but saw it as a potential career only in the last 4 years. I am ambitious. In the next five years I see many commissions, I see interviews, the beginnings of contact with institutions. My life’s ambition is for my name and that of my fathers to be known around the globe. I see a world class gallery in my name, a career and a life in art.
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