Portraits Africa | Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Clara Aden, Lagos, Nigeria

Clara Aden, Lagos, Nigeria
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Clara Aden
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My passion for drawing grew out of insatiable thirst to document, to analyse, to recreate to comment on the world l live in, using figures to convey different messages. I started creating art in my kindergarten. I grew up in the country where female child exploring the world of art is regarded as peculiar and unusual. I started drawing by tracing figures from cartoon characters, just like today's artists redrawing the drawing of masters. My drawings are unique, able to communicate and evolve strong emotions. I work in acrylic, oil and pastel but my principal medium of work is pencil and charcoal.

D.H. Lawrence says "the business of art is to reveal the relation between man and his environment". I believe that the skills and techniques in the world are of little use unless you have something interesting to say about the world around you. I look for gestures, images or thoughts that move or evolve my sense of observation. I see it with my artistic mind, have a brain storming session and start to lay it out.I see artists who draw and paint on white cartridge paper and nothing else. There is nothing wrong with paper, but experimentation and creativity with media bring considerable advantage. I have been drawing on canvas for over a decade now. Currently l am embracing textured surface canvas for drawing. I tear apart packaging or things in the trash, newspaper cuttings or out of use traditional Ankara fabric print. I cut, tear and glue them into a drawing.

My artistic process goes from inspiration to conceptual sketches to finished drawings. I am a realist artist, the issues that have the most influence on me are practical realities. I am motivated by the realisation that there is so much to be done and it is a chance to make a positive difference, transforming the mind of people to bring about change.
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