Portraits Africa | Limited-Edition Prints by Artist Ayokanmi Binutu, Lagos, Nigeria

Ayokanmi Binutu, Lagos, Nigeria
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Ayokanmi Binutu
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My name is Ayokanmi Binutu, a Nigerian creative and concept artist. Art to me comes naturally, to me it is life, a very perfect way of expression. For to put down in the physical what you see in your minds eye via a medium, to create something beautiful out of nothing; that's art. All this presents for me an ever increasing inspiration, joy and exciting milestone in my artistic journeys that are ever evolving and creatively never ending.

Note. In addition to works by his own hand, artist Ayokanmi offers commissions by other artists managed by his arts' based business, Pencil 'n' Brushes. Users are free to commission work from the artist-proprietor either directly or indirectly from artists managed or commissioned by his business. In the latter case the agreement is between Ayokanmi's business and the commissioning parties. Portraits Africa will not get involved. The safeguards and provisions of Portraits Africa only apply to commissions agreed with and executed by the artist himself.
Chinwe Chukwu Ogo Roy, MBE