Portraits Africa | Limited -Edition Prints by Artist Anton Kilian. Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Anton Kilian, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Artworks © 2015, 2016, Anton Kilian
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Anton Kilian – born 18 February 1954. At school I used to draw with pencil, but never had any formal training in art. I studied law after school and enjoyed 25 years in the legal fraternity, amongst others as a practising advocate. Then in 2000, I bought myself a business and left the stresses of formal law practise. All these years I always wanted to explore any artistic talent that I may have had, and when I turned 59 (2013), I decided time is running out… now or never… I took lessons from Wessel Coetsee for 9 months. But then I decided that I want to paint the way I wanted to paint… and developed my own style… based on the fact that I like portraits and bold colours. I am very much inspired by people like Solly Smook, Lionel Smit and Jimmy Law.
Green DoorGreysShades of BlueStareThe Look