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Fine-Art from Africa: Limited-Edition Prints & Original Commissions.


Click here to buy our limited-edition prints. Then click on the images to buy one or more prints. Click here to view a slideshow of the prints available. We also offer a Portrait Painting Service, where you can commission the artist of your choice.

Our African artists are at the beginning of their careers, creating art, making a living, some are still in art school. This is your opportunity to collect their art at this early stage of their career, to support them as they develop, and to get a serious bargain to boot!

Your dollar or Euro is worth far more in Ghana, Nigeria,, Kenya, or South Africa. And your spending power is many times greater than when you commission a European or North American artist. 

Prints are offered as a part of a wider project, Portraits Africa, that represents a community os young and emerging artists living and working in Africa. For something of the project background, see A Word from the Curator.