Portraits Africa | Foreword


Portrait of the CuratorPortrait Gifted by Artist Gideon Fasola, Ibadan, Nigeria

A Word from the Curator

Keith McFarlane, Amsterdam


Portraits Africa offers exclusive access to limited-edition fine-art prints from some of Africa’s best young and emerging artists. The artists offer not only prints, but original commissions, and will work with you to create a unique and uniquely personal work of art. At the beginning of their career, juggling art, education and making a living, these artists  face an uphill task.

Africa was chosen for the opportunity it offers at the same time to lower the cost of ownership of original art, and to help significantly with the financial position of the individual artists. This dual benefit is only possible because a Dollar or Euro is worth far more, in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa, than anywhere in Europe, Canada or the United States.

The artists ask only to deliver a first-rate service to their clients, through the pleasure derived from their fine-art prints, or the personal engagement of a commissioned work.

But there is also a social benefit in the transfer of resources to the local economy. Not only that, because funds are transferred to individuals, not businesses or charities, there are no deductions (in staff, buildings, or administration) that any local and on the ground organisation must inevitably make. 

Being both individual and specific, Portraits Africa should appeal to the better angels of European and North American citizens, whatever their political beliefs. It’s a highly targeted form of giving, and one that pays back with an excellent product delivered at a market-winning price.

There has been strong interest from the artists. The quality of their work is remarkable, one might say revelatory. And having seen that quality available for a modest outlay, we can expect a strong demand.