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Willem NgouaneArtist Willem Ngouane, Douala, Cameroon

Willem Ngouane, Douala, Cameroon

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My name is Ngouane Wilfried Bruno. People know me as Ngouane Willem, so I will say my artist name is the latter. I'm a Cameroonian born in Douala. I mostly make digital art; sometimes traditional. I paint woman because woman is beauty, and beauty is all I want for the world. Most of my artworks are really coloured, because Africa need more colour: we need to show something positive to the world. I am also a fashion designer and have my own clothing line named Amare Cesar. My fashions mix traditional African dress with urban culture.



Contact the artist via Keith McFarlane (Portraits Africa)at editor@negativeentropy.net who will provide an introduction. Artist and buyer are free to negotiate on both subject and price. While the artist has provided a guide-price or price indication, the first step in any commission is that artist and buyer agree the price, size, subject and materials of the composition and its delivery date. Portraits Africa will then request the agreed commission fee from the buyer, and on receipt of that fee will advise the artist to start work. The fee will not be released to the artist until the work has been completed and delivered to the buyer. Should a dispute arise between artist and buyer, it is Portraits Africa that will adjudicate. For the service prospectus, Terms & Conditions, see Commissioning a Portrait.


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A3 297 mm x 420 mm 11.7" x 16.2" USD 75 USD 15
A2 420 mm x 594 mm 16.5" x 23.4" USD 75 USD 20
A1 594 mm x 842 mm 23.4" x 33.1" USD 75 USD 25
A0 841 mm x 1,189 mm 33.1" x 46.8" USD 75 USD 30




  1. These are guide prices. They are not binding on the artist, but are intended to set the buyer’s expectations prior to the artist being contacted.
  2. Prices will vary with with the number of subjects (complexity). The minimum charge is for the digital original only. Signed and number prints, for example from a limited-edition for family members, are charged individually at the given rate. 
  3. Prices do not include shipping, packing, framing or insurance costs. These should be itemised separately and the total price agreed up-front.
  4. Portraits Africa will not involve itself in the matter of the commission price. The service offered relates only to the delivery of the finished portrait and to assuring the quality of the work produced.